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By Justin Opinion. Ladies in particular have often been advised away from the semi-auto handgun because they have trouble gripping and racking the slide. But before you men snicker too much — I personally know some gentlemen that have lost hand strength in their golden years and have difficulty with semi-autos. Many men also lose grip strength due to illness or injury. I know young athletic men that have experienced an injury that temporarily leaves them unable to rack a semi-auto.

Luckily for us all, there is a pretty slick little product available that addresses this problem for everyone — the Handi-Racker. Handi-Racker is a simply made and simple to use product, about the size of a deck of playing cards. It is small enough to carry in a pocket or purse, and certainly an easy fit for the range bag. How it works is simple. The plastic block has a channel cut into one side that is tapered drastically at about the halfway point.

The smaller end of the channel allows the barrel of the pistol a place to go as the slide is forced back. In both cases, the Handi-Racker was just a wee bit too narrow to accept the slide. I suppose one could modify it to fit — if one were skilled with a small grinding tool. There is certainly room to add an extra-large size to the choices for the Handi-Racker. Before trusting the device to any of my favorite handguns, I first used it on a couple of range rats — like my Glock 34 and Once I was convinced that it would not mar the finish, I got brave and used it on others like aa Sig Sauer P However, I would recommend that you inspect it before using to be sure no dirt has found a home in it, because that could cause scratches.

I was skeptical and cautious about using any device that might place my fingers in close proximity to the muzzle. But used as directed, the Handi-Racker is safe and keeps your fingers well behind the hole where the bullet comes out.

That said, I would strongly recommend supervision and coaching for inexperienced people before letting them use it with live ammo.

But it is very easy to use, even for those who need it most. Rather than relying on hand, arm or even upper body strength, the user simply pushes the gun forward using their regular grip. You can even use your body weight to assist. It truly does make racking the slide, even with a heavy recoil spring, a simple task. Handi-Racker in medium and large has long holes cut through the top to accommodate the front sight of your gun. The small model has a groove for the sight, but is not an opening — the logic being that the micro and pocket pistols generally have much smaller sights.

During my testing of the Handi-Racker, I brought it along with me to the range. While shooting, I experienced a malfunction that could send one in search of an armorer or gunsmith. My video shows the real-life use of Handi-Racker to easily and safely clear the malfunction and get on with shooting!Pachmayr has introduced an accessory which is designed to help to rack a semi-auto pistol slide.

It mounts on the front portion of the pistol slide and provides a better gripping surface to manipulate the slide. You can also adjust that plate by changing its position inside this accessory to fit any particular pistol. Watch the video below to have a better idea about how it works:.

Pachmayr RACK-IT Pistol Slide Racking Assist Tool

Although this kind of accessories may seem to be a useless product for the majority of people, I think those with low hand strength may actually find such a solution useful.

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. Hrachya also writes for SilahReport. Watch the video below to have a better idea about how it works: As you can see in the video, you need to come in front of the muzzle to mount RACK-IT on the slide.

Hrachya H Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition.

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Handi-Racker: Help Racking Semi-Auto Slides – Guest ‘Tuber Justin Opinion

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gun cocking assist

Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. Things I liked : It makes cocking more comfortable. It looks good installed. Things I would have changed : I would prefer 30 line per inch diamond pattern to the wavy knurling.

I would prefer no holes on the flat. The front one lines up with the rubber bumper. Things I liked : Easy to install. Saves wear on bluing. Gives a better purchase when cocking. Things I would have changed : Will leave two small marks on bluing when removed. Things I liked : First off both grub screws rounded out on install.

Way to small with nothing to grab on to but your super expensive under lever. Second the finish on my under lever is now destroyed. It would be nice if someone made this right? Things I would have changed : I regret putting this on my brand new gun.

The scratch is huge in two spots and very noticeable. And I'm stuck with a part I can't use. Guess I have to buy a new under lever from air arms now.Pepper Spray. Cleaning Supplies. Shooting Supplies. Women's Wear. Hello, My Account Help?

Scope Rings. Review Average:. The Slide Rack Assist provides extra assistance when racking the slide of semi-automatic handguns. Shooters with small hands, those with arthritis and others with limited hand strength may struggle working the slide on compact and subcompact handguns.

This innovative product fits over the slide and muzzle of your handgun and provides a greatly increased gripping surface and significantly reduces the effort needed to rack a slide.

The plate inside this device catches the frontal area of the slide to prevent it from slipping. Weighs only.

This product is not currently available for sale to California customers due to requirements associated with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of Proposition Product Reviews Click here to review this item.

Perhaps you should develop one for the the smaller guns. This one works on smaller guns, but we need a smaller version.You asked, and we delivered!

The ambidextrous design also works with a holster. The "halo" Charging Ring is an ideal upgrade for competition shooters who may need to charge the pistol or clear a jam quickly. For junior and senior shooters, overcoming the hammer can also be a serious challenge.

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gun cocking assist

See 9 Questions. Availability: In Stock. Put me on the Waiting List. Quantity Add to Cart. Description Customer Reviews Questions and Answers Instructions At a glance: Unique and stylish pull ring design Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum Makes charging easy for all users, both right- and left-handed You asked, and we delivered! Get good, put your halo on! View All Reviews.

Lenny demo's our Slide Pull Charging Handle

My wife really struggles to pull the bolt back. This accessory was the perfect solution.

"halo" Charging Ring for the Browning Buck Mark

It is nice for those of us that have no problem as well because it makes it so darn easy and you never have to worry about the occasional pinch when your finger slips off. It looks good on the gun as well.

One of the better looking options out there. Did you find this helpful?

gun cocking assist

I have had my Rugers 2 for 2 years - have had other types of bolt assists on them but this halo is by far the best - the fact that it is metal rather than plastic keeps it in place on the end of the bolt, and if it does become loose, a quick tightening with an allen wrench and you are good to go.

I have had 2 other bolt assists fall off during competition and you are left with nothing to help you. The halo will not due that based on the design. Love this upgrade! Just what the Doctor ordered to assist with my Arthritis on the range. The pain between my forefinger and thumb was make the grooved bolt ears more difficult to grasp tightly.

Easy now. This device was easy to install.Write a Review. Add to Wish List. Questions about this item? Ask here. See 5 Questions. Availability: In Stock.

Put me on the Waiting List. Quantity Add to Cart. Unique and stylish pull ring design Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum Sleek and contour matching The Browning Buckmark is one of the most popular 22lr pistols in the world. While it performs fantastic right out of the box, one of the major complaints is the lack of grip surface for the slide. This precision made, yet stylish, charging handle for the Browning Buckmark is designed so Buckmark owners can charge their firearm quickly and with certainty.

A unique ring pull design ensures fingers of any size can get a proper grip. This precision slide puller is perfect for serious competition shooters, junior shooters and even arthritic hands. Stop trying to grab those tiny grip ears and put a "halo" around your Buckmark today. There are quite a few varieties of slides for the Browning Buck Mark. This accessory will only fit the style of slide shown below.

gun cocking assist

View All Reviews. The Halo is designed to slip over the bolt easily, clamp on without damage and hold tight. It gives a junior shooter or anyone that needs a better grip on the bolt a lot of power to control the gun. You will love this! Did you find this helpful?

Was as advertised,fit was perfect. No modifications needed to slide. Buckmark has seen 2 Steel Challenge matches since installing and I couldn't be happier with it. It just works. Will recommend to anyone needing a slide racker for Browning Buckmark.

I initially said my Buckmark didn't like the Halo. After a close examination of my gun I found the ejector was slightly bent. I straightened it and the gun is flawless with the Halo install which makes me very happy because it is a good product.

Changing my rating to a 5. I have the Camper and my friend has the URX.It can be done on your homepage or on all web pages. You can also set up an entire page dedicated to your glowing testimonials or create a series of reviews on your blog.

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