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Blaine, A. Rich, L. Hundal, C. Lau, Marc A. Mills, Kimberly M. Harris, AND C. Uptake of perfluoroalkyl acids into edible crops via land applied biosolids: Field and greenhouse studies. Perfluoroalkyl acids PFAAswhich have been used in stain repellents, non-stick food packaging, and fire-fighting foams,1 are ubiquitous and persistent in the environment; they have been detected in air, house dust, water, sediment, soil, wildlife, and human blood.

PFAAs entering conventional wastewater treatment plants WWTPS or produced from precursors during treatment can exit the plant in either the aqueous or sludge phase,6 and the presence of PFAAs in municipal biosolids is well documented. EPA regulates land application of biosolids based on pathogen, metal, and nutrient content under 40 CPR Part 11 However, PPAAs in biosolids are not regulated 10 Furthermore, due to the persistence of PFAAs, repeated agricultural biosolids applications may present a potential exposure route for terrestrial food webs if PFAAs contaminate surface or ground water destined for animal or human consumption 12 or bioaccumulate in the edible portion of crops.

The presence of perfluoroalkyl acids PFAAs in biosolids destined for use in agriculture has raised concerns about their potential to enter the terrestrial food chain via bioaccumulation in edible plants. Uptake of PFAAs by greenhouse lettuce Lactuca sativa and tomato Lycopersicon lycopersicum grown in an industrially impacted biosolids-amended soil, a municipal biosolids-amended soil, and a control soil was measured. Bioaccumulation factors BAFs were calculated for the edible portions of both lettuce and tomato.

A limited-scale field study was conducted to verify greenhouse findings. PFAA levels measured in lettuce and tomato grown in field soil amended with only a single application of biosolids at an agronomic rate for nitrogen were predominantly below the limit of quantitation LOQ. In addition, corn Zea mays stover, corn grains, and soil were collected from several full-scale biosolids-amended farm fields.

This study confirms that the bioaccumulation of PFAAs from biosolids-amended soils depends strongy on PFAA concentrations, soil properties, the type of crop, and analyte. Jump to main content. Contact Us. Citation: Blaine, A. Description: The presence of perfluoroalkyl acids PFAAs in biosolids destined for use in agriculture has raised concerns about their potential to enter the terrestrial food chain via bioaccumulation in edible plants. Show Additional Record Data.

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Soil mesofauna feed on a wide range of materials including other soil animals, microorganisms, animal material, live or decaying plant material, fungi, algae, lichen, spores, and pollen.

Fecal material of soil mesofauna remains in channels which can be broken down by smaller animals. Soil mesofauna do not have the ability to reshape the soil and, therefore, are forced to use the existing pore space in soilcavities, or channels for locomotion. Soil Macrofaunaearthworms, termites, ants and some insect larvae, can make the pore spaces and hence can change the soil porosity [4]one aspect of soil morphology.

Mesofauna contribute to habitable pore spaces and account for a small portion of total pore spaces. Clay soils have much smaller particles which reduce pore space.

Organic material can fill small pores. Grazing of bacteria by bacterivorous nematodes and flagellates, soil mesofauna living in the pores, may considerably increase Nitrogen mineralization because the bacteria are broken down and the nitrogen is released. In agricultural soils, most of the biological activity occurs in the top 20 centimetres 7. The top layer is the organic horizon or O horizonthe area of accumulation of animal residues and recognizable plant material.


Animal residues are higher in nitrogen than plant residues with respect to the total carbon in the residue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Advances in Agronomy. City: Academic Pr.


Soil Biology and Biochemistry. The Journal of Applied Ecology. Truelove: The Rhizosphere. Advanced Series in Agricultural Sciences, Vol. Ecological Bulletins 39 : 23— Adetola; Tian, Guanglong; Brussaard, Lijbert Biology and Fertility of Soils. Bases of soil science". Soil Biology.


Decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems. Oxford: Blackwell. Categories : Soil biology Zoology. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.