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SmartApps almost always interact with devices. We often need to get information about a specific device is this switch on? Devices may support one or many capabilities. Capabilities represent the things a device knows attributes and the things they can do commands. To build a flexible SmartApp, we should write our SmartApp to work with any device that supports a given capability. We want to write an app that works with any device that supports the switch capability. To allow the user to select devices that support a given capability, we use the preferences input element:.

The above example will allow the user to select any device that supports the presence sensor capability.

Samsung SmartThings is getting offline Rules support

This could be a mobile phone, or a SmartSense presence sensor. You can refer to the Capabilities Reference for information on all the supported capabilities.

After you have declared the devices your SmartApp needs to interact with, a Device object instance will be available in your SmartApp, with the name that you provided.

Attributes represent the state of a device. Attribute data is stored in the SmartThings Cloud and updated when the device reports its status. Devices may expose one or many commands. Commands are the things that devices can do. Not all devices have commands. Commands typically perform some sort of physical actuation turn a switch on, or unlock a lock, for example.

A humidity sensor has nothing to physically actuate, for example. Information about the most recently reported device attribute state can be retrieved in two ways:.

These can be used interchangeably; they all do the same thing. The current or latest state for an attribute value is the most recent value the device has reported to SmartThings.

It is not calculated by polling or otherwise directly communicating with the device. For example, someDevice. If the device has malfunctioned, or the SmartThings Hub has gone offline, it is possible that the value returned is not consistent with the physical status of the device. To get a list of Events in reverse chronological order newest firstuse the events method:. To get a list of Events in reverse chronological order newest first since a given date, use the eventsSince method:.

To get a list of Events between two dates, use the eventsBetween method:. Refer to the full Device API documentation for more information. SmartApps often need to send commands to a device - tell a switch to turn on, or a lock to unlock, for example. The commands available to your device will vary by device.

You can refer to the Capabilities Reference to see the available commands for a given capability. Some commands may expect parameters. All commands can take an optional map parameter, as the last argument, to specify delay time in milliseconds to wait before the command is sent to the device:. Because specific devices can provide more commands than its supported capabilities, it is possible to have more available commands than the capability declares.

As a best practice, you should write your SmartApp to the capabilities specification, and not to any specific device.Support also says other people have reported the same thing…. So what gives? I was having the same issues although they have dissappeard since the infrastructure update on or around the 12th of April.

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor - Unboxing, Review, Setup & Demo

Only having issues with one osram bulb now. I will remove and add it when time allows. As you noted they would randomly show offline but when tested would always report and excite my routines. Yup, and I have a support incident emailed to them. Quite a few of my devices were showing up as offline and I got the impression it was devices that I did not use very often.

Is my issue the same as what is being discussed here or are your devices actually totally dead? You would have imagine Smartthings support could have mentioned that. I turned if off, and the devices came back, at least in the app. Not a solution, but progress. Thanks Alex, and yes, that is the same issue. The main difference is that now I can no longer easily see which devices are affected by the bug.

I have been hitting this bug with Water leak sensors or motion sensors used as temperature sensors in the ecoBeeSetTstatSchedule app. When the same sensors are not used in the app, they have been online for last 4 weeks. Here is what I have observed: 2. I have 6 water sensors, here is the observed status: a.

I have 8 motion sensors, here is the observed status: a. It was announced in the release notes for the version of both the android mobile app and the iOS mobile app that first included the device health feature.It has not been tested on V1 hubs.

This will not work at all if you are using the new SmartThings app. I love products from Xiaomi. They have excellent build quality and they are relatively cheap. When you compare to other motion sensors, the price is really low and you can easily deck out your home with enough sensors to almost fully automate it. Xiaomi has a range of devices. This is by no way an exhaustive list. Those mentioned here are just those that I have used before and hence feel confident to share some information.

For motion sensors, they have 2 types. One is called Xiaomi Mijia and the other is called Xiaomi Aqara. The Aqara are the newer versions and in terms of price, a little bit more expensive. However, the Aqara variant offers a lux reading whenever motion is detected, which is very useful in terms of automation.

The Mijia variant just detects motion. For contact sensors, they also have 2 types — Mijia and Aqara. As previously, the Aqara ones are newer and a tad bit more expensive. In terms of sensor, they both perform the same in which it can read whether the sensor is open or closed.

The difference lies in its form factor. Again, the only difference is its form factor where the Aqara variant is rectangular and the Mijia one is a circle. I did not want my home to be filled with multiple hubs that belonged to specific brands. So my ideology has always been that the accessories that I get, had to work with SmartThings. Now, SmartThings does not officially support Xiaomi devices, but thanks to its vibrant community — this is not impossible. In this post, I will outline how you can connect a Xiaomi sensor to the SmartThings V2 hub via the zigbee protocol.

The steps pretty much work for all zigbee powered Xiaomi devices and the only difference is the device handlers used for the different sensors.So I went and checked them out.

I then tested them by opening the corresponding windows. Even when SmartThings knows that the sensors were offline??? This is unacceptable. This is an ongoing problem for years now.

Everytime there is a hub firmware update or even a power cycle of your hub will caused this problem. A repeater dropping off the network will also caused this problem.

smartthings sensor offline

Edit : the offline status on IDE is a new thing. I think maybe a few months old. You can use an app called simple device viewer to have notifications on also all kind of status.

I have 2 multipurpose sensors that I purchased a couple weeks ago. I just noticed that both of them are offline. Has this issue been addressed?

Are there alternate door position sensors that are reliable? There have been multiple issues with the sensors, but if this is something which started happening in April, Definitely report it to support. They may be able to see something from their side.

Something must be wrong with the sensors. Very disappointed. This is just bad engineering and very stupid IMHO….

smartthings sensor offline

If you want to get notifications, there are a couple of community — created smartapps which will do that. Actually I take my last post back. Somehow it defaults to off. I just turned it on and now I can see the two offline sensor with a red!

smartthings sensor offline

I have been experiencing this issue too. Some official Samsung sensors, and zwave bulbs show disconnected in the new ST app. All automations still work They show online and working in ST Classic.

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

They show online and working in IDE. Also having same issue with 3 of 10 sensors. These 3 are probably the furthest away, but within specifications. Any fix TRusselo.

My two sensors that went offline are a couple of meters from one of the Smartthings Wifi hub, so that must not be it. Also, near one of them, I have a third one that is still online. If I am traveling I cannot go and take the battery off and back in, so I am considering switching to the Ring equivalents. Note that this thread is now 3 years old, so it seems the sensors are bad harware and this will never be fixed. Thanks a lot!

Devices offline, no fix in sight. Smartthings has acknowledged the bug.However lately, the SmartThings hub has been going offline several times per day. Sometimes when the SmartThings hub goes offline, all of the SmartThings sensor accessories are disconnected, and need to be re-registered. On two occasions, after the SmartThings hub has gone offline, the hub itself is no longer registered against my SmartThings account, and I need to re-register the hub using the unique code that shipped with the package.

My solution is comprised of two parts. Ensure that the SmartThings hub is not positioned so that sunlight can shine on it. I live in Australia, and the sun is dipping as we approach Winter. The original coffee table location of the SmartThings hub now has sunlight covering it during midday.

This was a bit of a surprise, and I am still left wondering why Samsung decided to ship their IoT system configured in this way. Since enabling the OTA firmware update capability, and updating both of my arrival sensors and both motion sensors, my SmartThings hub only very occasionally goes offline and that is usually only for a split secondand it has never unregistered accessories or itself from my Samsung SmartThings account.

The page should refresh and show you the current state of OTA updates. After retrieving the settings again, Zigbee OTA should be enabled for all non-light devices. Now that Zigbee OTA is enabled for all non-light devices, the registered SmartThings accessories will update automatically throughout the day.

Scroll down to the firmware section. The current and target versions will vary if an update is required. The firmware update process will take several minutes per accessory. The screenshot below shows that the SmartThings motion sensor took about 13 minutes from start to finish. The firmware version should be rechecked on the firmware section of the SmartThings accessory page.

The current and target versions should match. Your email address will not be published. I was sick of receiving this notification on my phone, and dreaded re-registering devices. Solution part 1 — location of the hub Ensure that the SmartThings hub is not positioned so that sunlight can shine on it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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All Systems Operational. Americas Operational. Hubs, Devices, and Automations? Mobile App? Developer Tools? Platform APIs? Europe, Middle East, and Africa Operational. Asia Pacific Operational. Degraded Performance. Partial Outage. Major Outage. Past Incidents Apr 12 Apr 11 Apr 10 Issues with device control and app navigation. Resolved - After continued monitoring, we have confirmed the issues are fully resolved. Please contact us via support.Hi, I just had smartthings same me from some water backup so while expanding my leak sensors i logged on to the developer web site for my hub and its been months since i have.

I noticed that 2 of my sensors show offline and have not reported anything in months. Why dont i get a notification showing that they are offline and are they really? I noticed on the ST multi purpose sensor that i added about a month ago, The thing tab for that device has an inactive tile next to the temperature and changes when there is motion at the device.

I removed one of the ST leak sensors and re-added it and the inactive tile did not show up on that. I just ran into this myself. I have a sliding door set up with a multi sensor, usually at night I have to disarm it to let the dogs out. I just happened to be looking at all my devices yesterday when I was adding more xmas goodies to my automation and noticed it has been down for 2 days. If you talking about the inactive as shown in the screenshot, I do not think the leak sensor has this capability.

Yes the inactive that you show in the screen shot i see on my multipurpose sensor also. I did notice that when the garage door is going up my multipurpose sensor changes to active. The ide showed my other sensors as offline and I think the inactive or active are the state but when you are offline you are not getting any communication.

SmartThings works with a wide range of connected devices.

I am just glad i was aware now instead of having found the hard way. I did add the simple device viewer but that is a bit more complicated than i need and it dosent alert for offline devices just alerts by activity and some of my devices zwave do not respond as often as the ST devices.

Just to be clear, the word active in the SmartThings mobile app for the mobile sensor is used to denote something entirely different than the word active in the developer web IDE. In the mobile app the word active denotes that the multi-purpose sensor is being shaken or whatever.

SmartThings V3 Review | Can You Use This Smart Home Hub For Home Security?

In the developer web IDE, active or inactive implies something about communication state or something. Device offline but no notification General Discussion.

smartthings sensor offline

Thanks in advance st screen. Glad to hear you were saved from a leak issue. Thank you. All Rights Reserved.