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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? In 'The Law of Vibration' Tony Plummer presents a new theory which he argues is revealing of a fundamental truth about the deep-structure of the universe. The Law is embodied in a very specific pattern of oscillation that accompanies change and evolution.

It can be found in fluctuations in stock markets and in economic activity.

vibration gann

The research here suggests that the pattern was known about in antiquity because it was buried in a short passage in St Matthew's Gospel in the Bible. It also suggests that it was known about in the early part of the 20th century because it was concealed in the structure of books written by the renowned stock market trader, William D. Gann, and by the mindfulness exponent, George Gurdjieff. Both men chose to preserve their knowledge of the pattern in a hidden form for some unknown future purpose.

Now, after 20 years of investigation, Tony Plummer tells the story of how the pattern was originally hidden.

Download: Law Of Vibration Gann Pdf.pdf

Drawing on painstaking research on gematria, the enneagram and financial market analysis, Plummer reveals the existence of a behavioural pattern that may have profound implications for the way that we view the world.

Plummer's work is elegantly structured and illustrated throughout. It is an exciting and thought-provoking study for Gann enthusiasts, and also for investors, economists and scientists who have an interest in the laws that underpin systemic coherence and produce collective order. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

What digital items do customers buy after viewing this item? Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Tunnel Thru the Air or Looking Back from William D. Audible Audiobook. The Life Cycle Hypothesis: Groundbreaking new research into the regular rhythms and recurring patterns that underpin financial markets, the economy and human life.

W.D. Gann Secret Law of Vibration - Gann Implicit Relationship between Master Time and Price Factor

Tony Plummer. Jason Perl. Customers who viewed this item also viewed these digital items. James A. He is the author of 'Forecasting Financial Markets', which describes the influence of crowd psychology on economic activity and financial market price behaviour. Tony has worked and traded in financial markets sinceconcentrating primarily on bonds and currencies.

He now specialises in strategic economic and financial market analysis, and writes and lectures on group behaviour and trading competencies. He has a Masters degree in economics from the London School of Economics and an Honours degree in economics from the University of Kent.

Gann on your Kindle in under a minute.Gann studies have been used by active traders for decades and, even though the futures and stock markets have changed considerably, they remain a popular method of analyzing an asset's direction. Gann angles are a popular analysis and trading tool that are used to measure key elements, such as patternprice and time.

The often-debated topic of discussion among technical analysts is that the past, the present and the future all exist at the same time on a Gann angle. When analyzing or trading the course of a particular market, the analyst or trader tries to get an idea of where the market has been, where it is in relation to that former bottom or top, and how to use the information to forecast future price action.

Of all of W. Gann's trading techniques available, drawing angles to trade and forecast is probably the most popular analysis tool used by traders. Many traders still draw them on charts manually and even more use computerized technical analysis packages to place them on screens. Because of the relative ease traders today have at placing Gann angles on charts, many traders do not feel the need to actually explore when, how and why to use them.

These angles are often compared to trendlinesbut many people are unaware that they are not the same thing. A Gann angle is a diagonal line that moves at a uniform rate of speed.

A trendline is created by connecting bottoms to bottoms in the case of an uptrend and tops to tops in the case of a downtrend. The benefit of drawing a Gann angle compared to a trendline is that it moves at a uniform rate of speed. This allows the analyst to forecast where the price is going to be on a particular date in the future.

This is not to say that a Gann angle always predicts where the market will be, but the analyst will know where the Gann angle will be, which will help gauge the strength and direction of the trend. A trendline, on the other hand, does have some predictive value, but because of the constant adjustments that usually take place, it's unreliable for making long-term forecasts.

Past, Present and Future As mentioned earlier, the key concept to grasp when working with Gann angles is that the past, the present and the future all exist at the same time on the angles. This being said, the Gann angle can be used to forecast support and resistancestrength of direction and the timing of tops and bottoms. Using a Gann angle to forecast support and resistance is probably the most popular way they are used. Once the analyst determines the time period he or she is going to trade monthly, weekly, daily and properly scales the chart, the trader simply draws the three main Gann angles: the 1X2, 1X1 and 2X1 from main tops and bottoms.

This technique frames the market, allowing the analyst to read the movement of the market inside this framework. Uptrending angles provide the support and downtrending angles provide the resistance.Attention : Brainyforex visitors can now read about Brian's successful trading philosophy in our brainyforex interview here.

Mr Gann, mentions that he started out trading exactly like the rest of speculative traders. He lost thousands of dollars and experienced the usual ups and downs incidental to the novice who enters the market without preparatory knowledge of the subject After many years of patient study in the subjects of science and nature his unconventional approach lead him to become one of the greatest trading masterminds the world has ever known.

He was born in Lufkin, Texas. Called a gifted mathematician with an extraordinary memory for figures and expert chart reader. William D Gann has recognition as one of Wall Street's leading operators. His life size picture hangs in the entrance of the New York Stock Exchange.

vibration gann

An advocate of using time cycles to predict trend of commodities, stocks and business. Old men do not want wars, neither do they want to go into war after they have been through one.

Young men fight the wars because they read history and want to be hero's. Leaders of nations appeal to the young men who have no experience, and induce them to fight. The same desire in men that urges them to risk their lives in war, caused them to take a chance in business and in speculation.

They take too many chances and get too optimistic after a long period of success in business and after prolonged advances in stocks and commodities. Old men in business, after a prolonged period of prosperity become too hopeful and get over extended. It is easy to borrow money after a long period of business prosperity. People who borrow money on hope have to liquidate when fear overtakes them and conditions are at the worst.

By Arthur Angy. Mr Gann's results are obtained by profound study of supply and demand, a mathematical chart of money, business and commodities. He determines when certain cycles are due, and the order and the time when market movements will follow.

They could always tell by the chart just why the market did it after it happened. Mr Gann's theory differs from the others in that he tells months in advance what stocks are going to do. William says the trouble with most chart makers is that they work with only one factor — space movements or charts that record one to two points up or down — whereas there are three or more factors to be considered, space, volume and time.

He smiled and said : "It has taken me twenty years of exhaustive study to learn the cause that produces effects according to time. That is my secret and too valuable to be spread broadcast. Besides, the public is not yet ready for it". Stocks are the same. They can be forced above their natural level of values to where lambs lose all fear, become charged with hope and buy at the top. Then stocks are permitted to sink to a level where hope gives way to despair and the most rampant bull becomes a bear and sells out with a loss.

My discovery of the time factor enables me to tell in advance when these extremes must, by the law of supply and demand, occur in stocks and commodities. The magazine mentions that Mr Gann gave them in advance forecasts of exact points at which certain stocks and commodities would sell, together with prices close to the then prevailing figures which would not be touched. For instance. So repeatedly did his figures prove to be accurate, and so different did his work appear from that of any expert whose methods we have examined.

The Ticker Digest mentions that the results from their investigation are remarkable in many ways.

vibration gann

They go on to explain that it appears to be a fact that Mr Gann has developed an entirely new idea as to the principles governing stock market movements. He bases his operations upon certain natural laws which though existing since the world began, have only in recent years been subjected to the will of man, and added to the list of so-called modern discoveries.

It is also interesting to note that the author of the article near the beginning wrote; "We submit this in full recognition of the fact that in Wall Street a man with a new idea — an idea which violates the traditions and encourages a scientific view of the proposition — is not usually welcomed by the majority, for the reason that he stimulates thought and research.

These activities said majority abhors". He lost thousands of dollars and experienced the usual ups and downs incidental to the novice who enters the market without preparatory knowledge of the subject. William decided to devote a decade of his entire time and attention to the speculative markets.MA, Gann and Ichimoku system profitable system!

The law of vibration 21 replies. BB Gann System 97 replies. Exit Attachments. Joined Jun Status: Member Posts. I've been wandering around this forum for a while and been trading for around a year now. Still learning lots of stuff. I like to help others so posting this. I call this the Gann Price vibration system. It is not a system by itself but is more a confirmation system. Add this to whatever method you trade and it will help you for sure.

It's based on the gann wheel. From a low you can predict possible points where the market will vibrate to. Same with a high. Price will either bounce off, gap through, or blow through these levels.

Thats why I call it a confirmation system. I have attached an excel file in which you input a significant low and a high and it gives you price vibration levels.

Sometimes you may just have a low you can still plot higher levels and predict vibration areas. It works on any timeframe. I personally like to take the daily and draw my lines so I can use them interday for a long time without having to change them.

It's also interesting to know that many times price reverses at these levels to the tick. Also note that when there are 2 lines in close proximity the area is stronger.Stocks and commodities and everything else on earth vibrate. Moreover, vibration provides a comprehensive explanation of price movement in financial markets.

Vibration is fundamental; nothing is exempt from this law; it is universal, therefore applicable to every class of phenomena on the globe….

Financial markets essentially comprise a series of impulses that produce price movements with specific rates of vibration. The price movement of a stock or commodity unfolds in a coherent way because stocks and commodities are essentially centres of energies and these energies or vibrations are controlled mathematically.

Stocks, like atoms, are really centres of energies. There-fore, they are controlled mathematically…. When the overall vibration of a stock or commodity is in balance, its price will maintain a constant rate of vibration i. Consequently, this overall rate of vibration or trend line can be precisely measured and future prices forecast by means of the so-called Gann angles or Gann fan lines i. Stocks are like electrons, atoms and molecules, which hold persistently to their own individuality in response to the fundamental Law Of Vibration….

After exhaustive researches and investigations of the known sciences, I discovered that the Law Of Vibration enabled me to accurately determine the exact points to which stocks or commodities should rise and fall within a given time.

These principles can be applied to forecast the trend of stocks or commodities over multiple timeframes. For example, a minor impulse may produce a price movement with a specific rate of vibration that lasts only a few hours.

Alternatively, a major impulse may produce a price movement with a specific rate of vibration that lasts for a number of years e. Unfortunately, Gann does not explicitly state this in his Ticker interview.

Such supporting evidence includes the following excerpts. I believe in the stars, I believe in astrology, and I have figured out my destiny. The laws are plainly laid down how to make a success.

Astrological influences act in a way that is analogous to radio waves; i. From time to time, a stock or commodity will lose its sensitivity or receptivity to astrological influences i. As a consequence, it will become inert i.

Thus, the key technique in applying the Law Of Vibration is to accurately identify the major astrological influence driving a particular stock or commodity, to identify the resultant rate of vibration and to forecast how future astrological influences will impact this rate of vibration. Taken together, these principles of the Law Of Vibration constitute a coherent theory of how financial mar-kets work. Indeed, they constitute a new paradigm. However, as with any new paradigm, it challenges the conventional wisdom and therefore encounters resist-ance from practitioners of the conventional wisdom.

It appears to be a fact that Mr. Gann has developed an entirely new idea as to the principles governing stock mar-ket movements…. We have asked Mr. Gann for an outline of his work and have secured some remarkable evidence as to the results obtained therefrom.

We submit this in full recognition of the fact that in Wall Street a man with a new idea, an idea which violates the traditions and en-courages a scientific view of the proposition, is not usually welcomed by the majority, for the reason that he stimulates thought and research. Your email address will not be published.

The Practical Application Of Gann’s Law Of Vibration

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gann eBooks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Send Message to Us. Follow Us.A s a young stockbroker, W.

Gann already suspected that there were unseen causes, operating behind the scenes, that were responsible for certain price movements in stocks and commodities. He liked to think that these hidden causes were part of a natural law that was secretly at work in the markets. As he acquired more knowledge and developed his theories, Gann systematized his theory of price movement and called it the "Law of Vibration ". Gann's "Law of Vibration" has never been fully published.

Gann kept his deepest secrets out of the popular books that he wrote about the markets, so it is difficult to reconstruct the precise steps by which Gann acquired his knowledge and developed his theories. When Gann did choose to be more revealing about his system, he did so in the supposedly fictional book Tunnel Through the Air The best description which Gann gives of his secret principles is in the interview he did for Ticker Magazine later called the Wall Street Journal. Based upon the quotations in this interview, our article will elucidate the nature of Gann's "Law of Vibration.

Observations have shown that there are regular periods of intense activity on the Exchange followed by periods of inactivity. This led me to conclude that natural law was the basis of market movements.

How To Use Gann Indicators

I then decided to devote ten years of my life to the study of natural law as applicable to the speculative markets and to devote my best energies toward making speculation a profitable profession.

Gann believed that all successful men, be they scientists, doctors, or businessmen, have devoted years to the study of their particular professions before attempting to practice them.

Similarly, Gann spent many years in the pursuit of knowledge in order to turn his speculation into a profitable profession. Although we do not know all the sources Gann studied during this ten year period, we do know they included symbolism, geometry, mathematics, numerology, astrology, and the Bible.

With regard to esoteric symbolism, our previous article entitled, "Symbols, Numeric and the Law of Vibration" demonstrated how both hidden knowledge and scientific principles are revealed in the symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States. Likewise, the symbolism of the U. Treasury Seal also provides keys to secret knowledge. The "Law of Vibration" which Gann discovered was far removed from something like probability theory.

Rather it was a definite and precise way of forecasting prices, in accordance with periodic law. As he stated, "After exhaustive research and investigations of the known sciences, I discovered that the Law of Vibration enabled me to accurately determine the exact points to which stocks or commodities should rise and fall within a given time.

The working out of this law determines the cause and predicts the effect long before the Street is aware of either. This makes it clear that Gann was working not just with time cycles, but with actual resistances and support points in prices themselves. Even more surprising, Gann says that his discoveries apply not only to long term movements, but also to short term trades, and even for day trading! By knowing the exact vibrations of each individual stock I am able to determine at what point each will receive support and at what point the greatest resistance is to be met.

In other words, the law of vibration operates from within the particular entity. The stock or commodity is not something entirely passive that is acted upon by an outside force. Gann refers to a stock or commodity as if it is actually a live entity, possessing its own particular vibration: "I have found that in the stock it exists its harmonic or in harmonic relationship— the driving power of force behind it.

The secret of all its activity is therefore apparent. By my method I can determine the vibrations of each stock and by also taking certain time values into consideration I can in the majority of cases tell exactly what the stock will do under given conditions.

These vibratory forces can only be known by the movements they generate on the stocks and their values in the market. Since all great swings of movements of the market are cyclic, they act in accordance with periodic law. Since most vibrations we are familiar with can be mathematically described, it is evident that Gann was using mathematical calculations—the algorithm of his "law of vibration" —to describe and predict the movement of prices.

vibration gann

What is also clear is that Gann is referring to a dynamic system with two centres of operation, physical and metaphysical. It is not just a linear cause-effect relationship from point A to point B. Rather, there is a unique bipolar relationship in which a stock or commodity is acted upon or changed by a larger causal influence in accordance with natural law.

And, being acted upon by this larger causal influence, the price of the stock or commodity is modulated according to its own particular vibratory pattern. The stock or commodity price then reacts upon the larger vibrations feedback loop so that the result is both unique and predictable.If you want to draw the angle towards upward take the low - in the above chart i have taken a low of and if we take take the square root for 2 times of that particular number the value comes to 8.

Technically yours Biplab palit. In Ganalyst Software - the developer have given a tool by name Angles - And if you click on that tool it displays Both Upward angles and Downward angles - in the above chart i have used Upward angles - once you click on the upward angles it asks for Price Scaling - Where we have to enter the scale - and thus the software plots the angle by itself - no need to change the Axis - and Distort the chart.

Yes Biplab Whatever U have said is right - and its correct - But still if u face any doubts - u can ask me - Take care.

The Principles Of Gann’s Law Of Vibration

Is it right? I hope in due course of time u will take various GANN method one by one and throw light on it. Hi GP Nice information about gann angles You can Apply gann angles on any time frame and on any stock - but it is better if you apply the angles on larger time frame - to avoid Whipsaw - Don't think much about the weekly support or Resistance if your trader just follow the current market price and create a trading system - where your Mathematical Numbers will tell you whether the market is positive or negative above or below that level - don't make it too complicated - Keep the things Simple and use the gann angle just to Gauge the Momentum of the Stock or any other Instrument.

Hi sir Above query came to me when i was working with gann angle nifty daily chart The Most Basic rule of Gann Angle is Above 1 by 1 angle the market is Bullish and below its bearish - so take positional calls accordingly on the closing value basis - it should sustain that value above or below that value - with volume - and maintain stop loss of max 20 points - and enter at least risk level - This are very simple things - but very hard to follow - Happy Trading.

I am using metastock software EOD data, provided by my vendor. No idea about nse data. GP sir Deven For every individual Stock or index it has individual vibration or cycle - you can say a fixed pattern of cycle - which you have to find out with some trial and error - for nifty i have found taking the square root two times works fine with nifty - so in order to find for stock or commodites you have to apply a particular scale on the chart for over a period of 10 years and see which vibration scale is working.

GP sir. May you always remain Fulfilled. Happy New Year to All. Hello sir I would like to request you to share some experience about setting stop loss when trading around sq9 levels Well Written. Equity Trading Tips. Hi, Thanks GP I have one query Please help Really nice work, with clear understanding and helping attitude. I really appreciate your work and this blog. But for a long time you have not posted anything.

What is your opinion about the current nifty. Where it is going to bottom out. I'm not sure your under root formula approach to solve scaling problem is an accurate one. Maybe you can throw some more light on this matter. I have one problem in gannalyst pro. I use Metastock but unable to open Metastock data in Gannalyst. Please guide! Hi Can you help with the site from where to download Gannalyst software. SIR, please guide me how to draw angles from zero in gannalyst. Nifty Gann Analysis.